Behind The Name: Box 13

Alan Ladd~Newspaper Man

alanladdDetectives. Adventure. Mystery.

Box Thirteen, the name of my blog and shop comes from one of my absolute favorite (and the very best) detective radio show ever produced in the history of radio: Box13.

It is an old time radio show from the 1940’s that stars Alan Ladd as Dan Holiday, a newspaper man turned author who places an ad in the paper trying to generate interesting story ideas for his novel:

“Adventure Wanted: Will go anywhere do anything. Write to Box 13, c/o The Star Times”


He becomes an unofficial detective--and has life-threatening adventures as a consequence! This show is a grand adventure and a so full of unusual and fun characters, and is it ever entertaining!

Don’t take my word for it though! Have a listen yourself, below are a few of the shows to get you started. Click play and get set for an exciting trip into the detective world of the 1940’s! They only get better as they go along!


#1~The First Letter


#2~Insurance Fraud Scheme


#3~Blackmail is Murder