Odds & Ends

There have been quite a few new additions to the shop lately including the seven books pictured above! Head on over to Box Thirteen to take a look!


Articles I’ve Been Enjoying Lately:

 This is an excellent article speaking about the propensities of readers, and the “myth of the self-centered reader.” Full of truth and quite fun to pursue!

A fascinating piece that delves into the free books printed for the soldiers during WWII. It’s an important piece of WWII history, as well as the history of books themselves, and their role in the generations that came before us. It reminds me of another, oft-overlooked time in history when free books shaped the course of men’s lives (and indeed the entire American culture and ideals from that time forward).

And I leave you with this favorite quote of mine by Charles Spurgeon:


New Acquisitions!

Stacks of dusty hardcovers that I found on a recent treasure hunt! Now begins the fun of sorting and adding them to the shop! Keep your eyes out for new listings!

Old Books